Pathfinder Wednesday

What the hell is a Pugwampi?

Shortest kept secret EVER!

Our journey began as our caravan slowly moved towards the Sultan’s Claw. Drapsmann, Thumper, and Omar are traveling with Garavel. Each have their own reason for being there, but they are all brought together because of one peson. Princess Alhma. While Drapsmann follows behing as rear guard. Thumper keeps to himself making sure to hide his racial secret. Omar all the while is trying to make the stern Garavel to at least crack a small smile. Before anyone could get to comfortable they arrive at a gnarled tree with it’s long sun bleached limbs make a bone like hand. Below Princess Alhma’s camp awaits, but with an unexpected suprise. A fire has broke out into one of the wagons and the wind blows a Harrow Card. The card lands on Thumper who see that it is the Harrow Card of the Cyclone.

Drapsmann and Thumper quickly move to help push the rest of the wagons away as Omar tries to find out what happen. With so much chaos not much is learned right away. After moving the barrell of drinking water closer to the fire it is quickly extinguished. With the fire gone the tragedy of what happened is revealed. Upon inspecting the charred wagon. Inside held a terrible surprise. The charred remains of a person. It is quickly deduced that the deceased is a astrologist/fortune teller. He was a confidant and advisor to Princess Alhma. Despite her sadness, Princess Alhma is grateful to the heroes that came to her aid. Introducing everyone in the group first starting with Garavel. Upon taking a real good look at Garavel it is discovered that he has a unique item in his neck. This item is a “blessing” from the Pactmasters. While suspicious, Princess Alhma tells them she knew of this secret and it was inconsequential. She continues to introduce everyone else. Next person introduced is Dashki a shifty ranger and expert on Gnolls that ravage this unforgiven oasis. Zastoran a Cleric of Nehys, who appears to have his head in the clouds. Four men who make up Princess Alma’s guard. A group of mercenaries who came with us on our journey and finally a husband and wife team who are in charge of the animals. (for more info on NPC’s click here)

With the introductions completed. They buried the body and started to figure out what started the fire. Omar and Thumper go to speak with Princess Alhma. It was discovered that before his untimely demise that the fortune teller told her that her quest was a fool errand and only DEATH WILL BE FOUND! Thumper reveals the Harrow Card and the fact he is an elf to the group. Drapsmann finds Hadrod and Hadrah who he further upsets with his callousness when they tell them the plight of their goat. It was quickly intimidated out of the couple that they feel the fire was not an accident, but the work of someone who was jealous of having Princess Alhma’s favor. It is suspected that the ranger, who already seems guilty of something, has had a history of leading groups like this to their demise only to return to Katapesh with a heavy pouch of gold. Drapsmann, Thumper, and Omar find the ranger skulking around and confront him. They fail miserably trying to get him to confess, but Omar gets the sense that he is hiding something. “It must have been Pugwampi!” he claimed as the heroes investigated the wagon again. All this ruckus causes them to be brought before Princess Alhma who also has never heard of Pugwampis. She commands the group and Dashki to find the Pugwampi, kill it, and bring one back. The heroes follow Dashki into the wild to search for these “jackal rats” as he also calls them. They find a giant cacti patch and on top of the hill the goat that was lost. The adventures make their way through that cactus only to be stabbed horribly and repeatedly to get towards a sharp incline of a hill that the goat is located. While getting to the goat, multiple cases of bad luck occur as well being attacked by something unknown. Omar using Ghost Sound was able to scare their attacker into the open where Thumper bashed its head with his quarterstaff. Dashki shrieks saying what the heroes had killed was the infamous Pugwampi. Carrying the vile creature back with the goat the adventurers returned to a grateful caravan.

300 exp for everyone
20 gold pieces for everyone; thanks toThumper who found the gold in the dead Harrower’s wagon (and kindly shared with his fellow heroes)
a Goat
and a dead Pugwampi


JeremyChambers Schmittism09

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