Here is a list and a short description of the NPC’s we have met so far!

Garavael- Male/Human, he is a no-nonsense caravan leader that has hired us to meet his employer Princess Almah. After the fires were put out and introductions were given it was discovered that he has a unique item in his neck which is called “Pactmasters Gift” given to those who are unique to the Pactmasters of Katapesh

Princess Almah- Female/Human, our beautiful patron. She is traveling to free an ancestral home and to re-open a major trade route of years passed. While young she appears to have a fire in her. It is hard to say right now if your mission will be successful or a fools errand.

Dashki- Male/Human, Gnoll Expert. Appears to have a bad reputation and distrusted by some in the caravan.

Zastoran- Male/Human, Cleric of Nehys. Appears to be aloof

Dead Fortune Teller- Male/Humanoid, Killed in a fire before we meet him, Appears to be a humble servant of Princess Almah. Was his death an accident or was it ….MURDER!

Almah’s Personal Guard
Fixx- Male/Human, TBD
Keldon- Male/Human, TBD
Podarn- Male/Human, TBD
Vodrave- Male/Human, TBD

Trevis- Male/Human, Leader of the Mercs
Utarchus- Male/Human, a bit of a complainer
Dullen- Male/Human, TBD
Kallien- Female/Human, TBD
Brotis- Female/Human, pratically dead from pugwampis!
Yesper- Fmale/Human, TBD

Camel Drivers
Hadrod- Male/Human, Married to Hadrah, they take care of the animals and was missing a goat
Hadrah- Female/Human, Wife of Hadrod, animal caretaker.


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