Pathfinder Wednesday

Raiders of the Lost Temple!

Pugwampis SUCK!!!!!!!

After returning to the group with the dead pugwampis. The group settled in for the night. The next morning the group packed up and headed to the next stop on their trip. An abandoned temple. While once a budding religious center of a local “saint”. Dashki under orders of Princess Almah went to investigate the temple. While the trip was long and some hijinks wer played (grease spell on a saddle anyone?}. The caravan arrived and Dashki came back withi his report. Telling everyone that while there were some signs of Gnoll activity none of it was “fresh”. Not really trusting Dashki the group under orders from Almah went to investgate with Dashki and Brotis. Entering the temple and into the sanctuary a morbid chandelier of Gnoll skull decorated the center of the room. While examining this disturbing piece of art he group was attacked……by pugwampis! The pugwampis rained small arrows on the group, they tried what they could to kill them, but the bad luck the Pugwampis produce made things extremly difficult. Dashki and Brotis were nearly killed and Omar and Drapsmann were near death when after killing 5 of the little bastards they decided to flee. Thumper investgating their nest discovered some magical items and with great urgency for the their fallen commrades the group gathered Dashki and Brotis and quickly fleed the temple looking for help from the cravan

600 Exp
2 items of possible magic
and Omar screaming “You are going to shoot ACID at the beams supporting the roof….ACID!”


JeremyChambers Schmittism09

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