Pathfinder Wednesday

Four Baboons Jumping on a bed

They all fell off and bashed their heads.

After returning to the camp with our dying and wounded we were reluctantly healed by Zastoran. Thumper showed the items he found in the Pugwampis next which the Cleric identified as a Phylactery of Faithfulness and a Ring of Feather Fall. Thumper feeling guilty for trying to have Omar fall his pony, gave him the ring. No one really needing their actions to be judged on decided to trade the Phylactery for some healing potions (3 light and 1 moderate). Under orders to clear the monastery the Party returned with more Red Shirts…I mean guards from the caravan to further explore the monastery. Entering deeper inside they found a giant nest with 2 lbs. blue eggs. Looking for traps, Drapsmann discovered a magical bastard sword which he quickly claimed as his. Omar investigating around the nest discovered murals depicting the Saint of the Monastery. These four murals hold special meaning, which has yet to be determined. Going to the North they found the former living quarters for those resided here. Clearly abandoned and tattered by time and other creatures the discovered Sleeping quarters, Dining room, Kitchen full of Pugwampis, Master bedroom with Baboons, and decrypted library. Omar found the Pugwampis in the kitchen and quickly closed the door after opening. Drapsmann found the baboons and attacked them. He was quickly joined by the others in the group who swiftly punished said baboons for jumping on the bed. Not wanting the pugawmpis to cause further mischief, Drapsman threw baboon corpse for them to feast on. And while investiging the library for kindling, Omar discovered a book relate to Genies. Taking the Genies book placed it next to the egg he took from the nest in his pack. Taking the rest of the books the party started a fire in the kitchen trapping the Pugwampis. Omar knowing that little shits couldn’t get away, was able to start open dialogue with them. The party learned from these pugwampis that they worship gnolls for their strength, that they have a leader named Mug Lug, and hate the “giant bird” that resides in the nest they found earlier. Trying to broker some deal, the party offered to kill the bird for their loyalty. Releasing one Pugwampis to find Mug Lug with their offer.

400 Exp
Ring of Feather Fall
Magic Bastard Sword
3 Potions of Cure Light wounds
1 Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds


JeremyChambers Schmittism09

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